Nuclear site selection using fuzzy logic: a risk assessment contribution


Cláudio Henrique dos Santos Grecco
Vitor Azevedo Rodrigues
Carlos Frederico Barros
Luiz Cezar Nacif Junior
Carlos Alberto Nunes Cosenza


This report presents a fuzzy logic application on the nuclear site selection process supporting established by Electric Power Research Institute - EPRI Siting Guide, concepts, and criteria. The guide model advocates a decision tree use on four major phases. A process involving the sequential application of exclusion, avoidance, and adequacy criteria, including weight factors development on adequacy criteria application.  Phases 1 and 2 generate candidate areas and potential sites from a region of interest and phases 3 and 4 determines the excellent site for a nuclear power plant venture on suitability, weighting, and utilitarian functions criteria. The Fuzzy Logic provides a powerful tool to work on complex issues, wide application variety in this type of decision. The proposal in its entirety demonstrates the importance of risk analysis as an integral part of the project, from the initial design and not isolated in the operational phase.


Complex Systems Engineering