Computational simulation of a single Taylor bubble rising in a vertical column with stagnant liquid


Francisco Rogério Teixeira do Nascimento
Marcos Bertrand de Azevedo
José Luiz Horacio Faccini
Maria de Lourdes Moreira
Jian Su


Computational simulation of the motion of single Taylor bubbles in a vertical column with stagnant liquid was performed in the open source software Open FOAM using the InterFlow solver and the IsoAdvector method. Numerical solutions were obtained for the rise velocities and shapes of the bubbles, which were compared with experimental data [2] and correlations from literature. The two fluids were assumed immiscible. The governing equations were discretized by the volume-of-fluid (VOF) method and solved using the Gauss iteration method. Parametric mesh was used in order to improve the modeling of curvilinear geometry.


Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Technology