Correlation between gamma attenuation and self-attenuation using environmental samples and point geometry radioactive source


Katheren Rayssa Bosson Nantes
Gustavo Lima de Oliveira Santana
Alessandro Mariano Domingues
Luciana Carvalheira
Ademir Xavier da Silva


In order to verify the maximum acceptable humidity level in environmental samples for gamma spectrometry, five samples with beach sand were utilized, of which one sample was kept with dried sand and the other four were moistened with differents quantities of distilled water between 25ml and 100ml. These were analyzed in a scintillating detector of Sodium Iodine, doped with Thallium, together with a Cesium 137 punctiform source. From the spectra obtained for each sample, when all the Cs-137 photopeaks integrals are compared, it can be concluded, at first graphically, that the dries sample has a bigger attenuation compared with the wet samples, but between the wet samples, the greater the amount of water, greater the attenuation. 


Nuclear Instrumentation Development