Synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials with MgB4O7:Ce,Li for dosimetry applications


Nicolis Amaral de Araujo
Marcel G. Martins
Susana Souza Lalic
Rogerio Chaffin Nunes
Francisco José de Oliveira Ferreira
Helen J. Kroury
L. M. Lima
Luciana Carvalheira
Francesco d'Errico
José Carlos Pinto
Sonia Tatumi


This study deals with the development of MgB4O7:Ce,Li crystals produced by the sol‑gel synthesis as an emitter for the optically stimulated luminescence technique and the verification of structural and luminescent properties of the crystals to be inserted in a polymeric film for dosimetry applications. Further, polymeric films of PMMA (poly(methyl methacrylate)) loaded with nanocrystals of MgB4O7:Ce,Li will be synthesized to evaluate the material response to optically stimulated luminescence. We expect this hybrid material to allow neutron dosimetry for applications in Radiotherapy successfully.


Materials and Chemistry