Dynamic performance of a simple capacitance sensor for void fraction measurement of two-phase gas-liquid flow


Luiz Carlos Reina Pereira da Silva
Carlos Artur Garcia Goulart Filho
José Luiz Horacio Faccini
Jian Su


This report presents the two methods that are being carried out at LTE/IEN to measure the void fraction in a two-phase flow (air/water). Dynamic tests were performed on the capacitance sensor, developed at LTE/IEN, in order to obtain a comparison between the dynamic performance of a simple capacitor and an ultrasonic measurement system. Among the available non-intrusive techniques, these were the most attractive to draw a comparison and evaluate the performance of the simple capacitance sensor. The output signals of the capacitance sensor were synchronized with the ultrasonic pulses reflected by the air-water interface and transmitted to boards embedded in a computer where software recorded the signals. The void fraction of the two-phase gas-liquid flow was measured by processing the capacitance and ultrasonic signals respectively.


Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Technology