Stability study of sodium iodide (123 I) oral solution


Tanira Giara Mello
Erica de Araujo Lima Andrade
Marcilene Aparecida Silva Carmo
Cintia A. Custódio
Cláudio Reis Sant'anna
Rosilene Fiuza Silva
Gonçalo Rodrigues Santos
Luiz Cláudio Martins Aleixo
Julio Cezar Suita


Sodium iodide (123 I) produced by the Nuclear Engineering Institute (IEN) is an oral  radiopharmaceutical with a half-life of 13.2 h. It is stored at room temperature (15 - 30 ° C) and its activity is calibrated for the hospital to use the next day. The objective of this work was to evaluate the stability following ANVISA recommendations and determine your shelf life. It is concluded that all criteria for acceptance of quality requirements were met in the period of 48 h.


Radiopharmaceuticals Production