Simulation of the geometry of an X-ray tube using the Monte Carlos method


Gustavo Oliveira Conceição
Cesar Marques Salgado
Claudio D. Almeida


The Monte Carlos Method can be used to represent a statistical process, such as the interaction of radiation with matter. The file was developed using the MCNPX code, which consists of providing information about the problem's geometry: the radiation source; the description of the materials used; the types of results (tallies) required by the simulation.

This report presents an experiment in which Fshows a simulated X-ray tube to estimate the fluency of radiation photons inside the ampoule, aiming at simulating an X-ray beam with the MCNPX, an input file with similar information was used. to a geometry that simulates an X-ray bulb, a tungsten target with a 30 ° inclination incurred by an electron beam and a window with inherent 1mm Berilio filtration and a sample of an equivalent tissue MS20.


Application of Nuclear Techniques in Industry