A framework to support the development of simulation exercises for resilient response


Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho
Gilbert J. Huber
Jose Orlando Gomes


To succeed, complex socio-technical systems operating in mission-critical work domains need to adapt to their environments, and for this, elements of theirs need to adapt to their environments, of which the most important components are usually other organizational elements. The development of a framework to streamline and support continuous improvement of emergency response organizations’ generation and realization of different types of simulation exercises and discussion-based training, from the identification of their training needs, through exercise conception, authoring, staging (execution), to discussion and analysis of events, perceptions, and other points, allowing them to reflect on their practices to realign Work-As-Imagined (WAI) and Work-As-Done (WAD) [2], accelerate their learning, and enhance resilience.


Complex Systems Engineering