Neutron Activation Analysis to quantify Calcium element in Portland cement samples using the Argonauta Reactor


Bruno Ferraz Albuquerque
Rogerio Chaffin Nunes
César Marques Salgado


This report presents a study to evaluate the elemental concentration of Portland cement using the Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA). The determination of the mass fraction concentration of elements that form cement are very useful to ensure the quality control of the construction industry. This work seeks to differentiate and quantify Portland cement type II (CPII) samples using the Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis technique with the aid of the Argonauta research reactor. The focus was on obtaining Ca concentration in Portland cement from a famous brand marketed in Brazil, studying (n, γ) capture reactions. AAN consists of irradiating a sample, bombarding its nucleus with neutrons activating the sample.


Application of Nuclear Techniques in Industry