Radiological Safety Requirements Unification for Brazilian Hospital Radiopharmacies


Juliane de Sá Carvalho
Ana Cristina de Holanda Nascimento
Julio Cezar Suita
Antonio Carlos Mol


The nuclear pharmacy or radiopharmacy from a nuclear medicine service is the sector responsible, among other activities, for preparation and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals. For the practice of occupationally exposed individuals in this environment occurs under safe conditions, basic requirements for radiation protection must be followed and actions must be guaranteed for the qualification and training of these professionals aiming at improving and understanding aspects of radioprotection in their respective functions. Radioprotection requirements are established by CNEN norms, ANVISA regulations and international recommendations of relevant organizations related to radiation protection. The routine situations of professionals also aggregate information regarding the care to be taken in dealing with radionuclides. Therefore, there is a plenty of information on aspects that should be taken into account in training. In view of this, the work aims to unify the requirements of safety and radiological protection, referring to the infrastructure and activities of the radiopharmacy of a nuclear medicine service, as a subsidy for the training of occupationally exposed individuals in these environments. For this, the analysis of recommendations, norms and regulations, specific for radiopharmacy was realized, and on-site monitoring of radiopharmaceuticals was performed. It is believed that the parameters obtained in the unification may serve as a training platform for radiopharmacy professionals of nuclear medicine services.


Radiopharmaceuticals Production