Detailed design of the Instrumentation and Control Systems of the Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor - RMB


Marcos Santana Farias
Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho
Isaac José Antonio Luquetti dos Santos
Fabio Lacerda
Guilherme Dutra Gonzaga Jaime
Claudio Henrique dos Santos Grecco


RMB will be an open pool reactor that uses beryllium as a reflector and heavy water as a moderator and cooling fluid. The reactor has a capacity of 30 MW, and its key requirements are: radioisotope production, to meet national demand; production of thermal and cold neutron beams for research and application in all scientific fields; material and nuclear fuel production for Brazil's nuclear program; neutron activation analysis; and silicon transmutation doping. This report summarizes the work completed during the instrumentation and control (I&C) detailed design.


Nuclear Instrumentation Development