Challenges of the public administration manager in remote working times


  • Edione Almeida Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear


One of the issues that challenged the Public Administration bodies is the performance of distance work and as managers they have been leading their teams in this modality that is becoming more and more common among government employee. Although remote work is not new, in the public sphere, this type of work increased significantly in 2020, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, surprising many managers who were not prepared for the changes. Therefore, this report aims to analyze the perception of managers regarding the practices applied in the management of activities and their impressions on the performance of servers in remote work. To this end, a case study was carried out at the Nuclear Engineering Institute, of the Research and Development Directorate of the National Nuclear Energy Commission, with 24 civil servants who perform leadership functions (managers), working in the technical and administrative areas that since March 2020, when the health crisis in the country was decreed, adopting composite work (in person and remote) for its workforce, aiming to guarantee the delivery of services to society.In the view of managers, remote work or Home Office has been shown to be effective, the servers demonstrate commitment in the assigned activities, and the modality guarantees the fulfillment of the institutional mission with society.




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