How to export CAD files into VISED


  • NATHALIE GAIOTI a:1:{s:5:"pt_BR";s:18:"Marinha do Brasil ";}
  • Cesar Salgado IEN


Autocad is a CAD (computer aided design) software created and marketed by Autodesk, Inc. It is mainly used for the preparation of technical drawing parts in two dimensions (2D) and for the creation of three-dimensional (3D) models.The .sat model is a 3D model in ACIS solid format. It stores the information about the three-dimensional geometric elements in an ASCII text format.  .sat files 

Results: The sat file was compatible. This is due to the way the 3D object was created in Autocad when it was exported.

Conclusions: The 3D object in Autocad can be created with automatic and manual tools and Autocad has the option to export in the .SAT file.  The file was formed and recognized by Vised. being the best option of those checked not interfering with the final result.




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