Feasibility study for 99mTc production


  • Pedro Augusto Cinquini IEN
  • Cesar Marques Salgado IEN
  • Julio Cezar Suita IEN


This report presents an initial survey of data for a feasibility study on the production of the 99mTc radioisotope on the Cyclotron model CV-28 installed at the IEN. Due to the global crisis in the supply of 99mTc due to an unscheduled shutdown of a reactor by one of the major suppliers of this radioisotope, new alternatives have been sought for emergency production of 99mTc. One proposal involves irradiating a molybdenum target with a proton beam.

There are four main nuclear routes for the production of the 99mTc metastable isotope through bombardment with protons, only direct production, where 99mTc is the final product, which occurs through the 100Mo(p,2n)99mTc reaction. The other three are indirect production routes: i) through the 100Mo(p,pn)99Mo reaction and the 99Mo decay by 99mTc beta emission; ii) through the 100Mo(p,2p)99Nb reaction and the decay from 99Nb to 99Mo and by beta emission to 99mTc; iii) through the 98Mo(p,?)99mTc reaction. Natural molybdenum has an abundance of 9.63% for the 100Mo isotope.




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Cinquini, P. A., Salgado, C. M. ., & Suita, J. C. . (2021). Feasibility study for 99mTc production. Instituto De Engenharia Nuclear: Progress Report, (4). Recuperado de https://revistas.ien.gov.br/index.php/ienprogressreport/article/view/562



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